• Client/Server SW-Development Tools,PowerBuilder,Delphi
  • Java and JavaScripting
  • Web-based Languages HTML, XML, Perl, CGI
  • Network Infrastructures Novell, Banyan Vines, Windows NT
  • Relational Database Management Systems (RDBMS) ORACLE, MS-ACCESS, DB2
  • Third-Generation Languages COBOL, C, Pascal, Fortran
  • Fourth-Generation and Object-Oriented Languages SQL, VisualBasic, VisualC++,Informix, C++
  • Java Operating Environments: Micros, Minis, and Mainframes MVS / TSO, VMS, Unix
  • Windows v3.1.x, 95, and NT
  • Traditional File Systems VSAM, Sequential, Random, Indexed Files
  • Enterprise-Resource Planning & Business Components PeopleSoft, SAP Television

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